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To be a centre of excellence promoting the greater emotional strength and mental health of children, youth and their families through programs that provide a direct and holistic experience of our interconnectedness with all life.

Wishing Well Sanctuary is a charitable organization, therefore your donations will assist in feeding and caring for the animals at the Sanctuary and also assist in providing programs to youth and their families who otherwise could not afford to attend.

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Daisy and the ducklings needed somewhere to call home - so we dipped into our limited funds to build an enclosure that provides access to water and sunshine in the summer and a warm and cozy retreat in the winter. In order to ensure we can continue to support Daisy and the ducklings, as well as the Sanctuary's continually growing animal family we have a fundraising goal of $12,000 to offset the cost of providing the ducks with a new home. For your support, you have the opportunity to receive perks ranging from awesome Wishing Well merchandise, to books, to a private tour of the Sanctuary, to naming the ducklings, to your name on the ducks’ new enclosure! You'll also receive our tremendous gratitude and personal thanks for making this project a reality!

We've gone quackers and we need your help!

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Belle needs our help....and yours!

Poor Belle, one of the two beautiful Percherons here at the sanctuary has an ulcerated right eyeball.  We've been treating her several times a day with medication and a fly mask, with the right side covered as the medication makes her very light sensitive.

The vet was here again and took blood.  We are to let the blood separate from the serum and put drops of her own serum into her eye to keep the enzymes from eating away at the eyeball!

We are naturally hoping to be able to save her eye and solve the problem without anaesthetic as she's in her 30's and may not react well to it. OUR COZY FUND, the fund set up for veterinary bills is VERY LOW.  Please assist us to the degree to which you can.

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  • Vegan Holiday meal preparation with Vegan Chef Doug McNish

Our reserves are basically non existent and it is very costly to maintain this Sanctuary at the level we want for "our" animal family! We know it seems we keep asking, but the need is very real...and so very worth it.

Please help us to help Belle.

Emergency with Maurice

One half of our dynamic-duo (Maurice) gave us quite a scare on Sunday Aug 24th.  He was rushed to Guelph large animal hospital via a large animal mobile transport for what was confirmed to be an obstruction in his esophagus.

He was treated and came back home Friday Aug. 29.  Bills for his transportation and veterinary care have put a severe drain on sanctuary resources.  A kind person has donated funds for a food processor so we that we may keep his food nice and mushy, however, if you can, please donate to the COZY fund to assist with Maurice's and Belle's vet bills.  Despite of a tremendously generous donor's gift, we are using the funds more rapidly than anticipated. We need to always have reserves as, by their very nature, emergencies are unplanned!