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To be a centre of excellence promoting the greater emotional strength and mental health of children, youth and their families through programs that provide a direct and holistic experience of our interconnectedness with all life.

Wishing Well Sanctuary is a charitable organization, therefore your donations will assist in feeding and caring for the animals at the Sanctuary and also assist in providing programs to youth and their families who otherwise could not afford to attend.

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Mark your calendars for Sept. 28th (a Sunday). Animal Rights Academy ( will host a full day of workshops, led by various facilitators, at Wishing Well Sanctuary.  

The keynote speakers are Harold Brown, star of the film Peaceable Kingdom, and internationally known AR activist, as well as respected animal advocate Liz White of Animal Alliance.

Anita Krajnc of Pig Save / Cow Save will lead a workshop in the afternoon. It's a full day of speakers and discussions with like-minded folks, a real community building exercise in a natural beautiful setting amid animal friends.  (click here for more information)

Visit our Upcoming Events Page for Information about:

  • Sanctuary Tour Sept. 27, 2014 starting at 12:30 p.m.
  • Animal Rights Academy- A Day of Workshops ( Free)
  • Kristen Renton's "Birthday Month Wish"
  • Vegan Holiday meal preparation with Vegan Chef Doug McNish

Animal Rights Academy - A Day of Workshops

Sunday September 28, 2014

Celebrate Kristen Renton’s Birthday with a

Donation to Wishing Well Sanctuary

Accomplished, animal loving Kristen Renton is celebrating her birthday this month on September 14th!  Everyone’s favourite Virgo is continuing her philanthropic birthday tradition by asking her fans to donate to Wishing Well Sanctuary, a farmed animal sanctuary that promotes peace, healing and joy for all living beings.

Kristen became aware of Wishing Well Sanctuary through interacting with the Sanctuary’s Twitter star, Yoda, the pig who lived. Yoda arrived at Wishing Well Sanctuary on September 20, 2013, after falling of a truck in Canada. He was likely on his way to a “finishing barn”, where piglets are usually sent at the age of about six weeks old to be raised for slaughter.

Fortunately, he survived the fall with only minor injuries, and Wishing Well offered to take him in. Yoda tweets regularly about his life at the Sanctuary @pig_who_lived. Kristen is helping Wishing Well to raise $10,000 in support of the Sanctuary’s COZY Fund.

The COZY fund was started to help provide veterinary treatment and care to the over 55 animals who live at the Sanctuary.  Here are some of the animals that benefit from the COZY Fund: 


Monet arrived at the Sanctuary with nine other cows who were found in terrible conditions at a nearby farm. They had lived in filth and been deprived of food and water. Monet arrived with a severe hoof deformity which causes her to walk with some difficulty. A bovine hoof specialist made her special cow orthotics, and now she can live her life at Wishing Well in peace and comfort.


Belle is one of four horses at the Sanctuary. She recently was diagnosed with an ulcerated eye. The care of this eye involves regular treatment, and she has to wear a fly mask to protect her eye from the light. We are doing everything we can to save her eye and she requires continues veterinary support.


Maurice arrived at Wishing Well with his pal Winston after falling off a transport truck that was on the way to a farm, where their ultimate fate would have been tragic. Maurice and Winston are quite a comedic pair, and have kept us giggling at Wishing Well.

Recently Maurice was having trouble keeping food down, and had to be rushed to the vet. They quickly realized that he had a corn cob stuck in his throat. Thankfully, the obstruction in his throat cleared, and while he had to be kept for observation he was able to come home after almost a week away.

The incredible cost involved with this type of medical care for the beloved animals at Wishing Well can seriously hamper our ability to take in new animals, and offer programs to promote humane education and create a peaceful, compassionate world for all living beings. So help celebrate Kristen’s birthday – and help support Wishing Well Sanctuary’s COZY Fund.

**Please leave a comment in the applicable section on PayPal letting us know you're donating re: Kristen's Birthday Wish**

Wishing Well Sanctuary's 3rd Annual Open House

What A Terrific Celebration!!!!

 An enormous thanks to Kristen Renton, Damon Bennett and his friends and to Yam Chops for helping us celebrate Wishing Well's 3rd Open House,Yoda and Kristen's birthday and the work on our children's playground.  We were thrilled to share Yam Chops and their amazing food with our friends!!! As Yoda would demure..."Lucky are we!".  To our outstanding volunteers: We absolutely could not have managed without you; we are enormously grateful for your time,energy and goodwill!  To all those who dared the rain and cold to take part in our festivities -THANK YOU!!!