Our Mission

An oasis of discovery and development, repose, and renewal, our Wishing Well Sanctuary is a centre for personal growth, inner peace, healing and joy. We are also a farmed animal sanctuary and therefore we can say that we truly are a sanctuary of all! ​This delightful retreat is just north of “Ontario’s food basket” (the Holland Marsh) near Bradford, Ontario. Just a mere 45 minutes from central Toronto.

A peace pole was raised at the inaugural Wishing Well Sanctuary Open House, held in May 2012. On it are inscribed the words May Peace Prevail On Earth in Braille, English, French, Ojibway, Sanskrit, Hebrew and paw prints. We are all connected!

Wishing Well Sanctuary is a charitable organization; therefore, your donations will assist in feeding and caring for the animals at the Sanctuary and also assist in providing programs to youth and their families who otherwise could not afford to attend.

I want the sanctuary to really be a sanctuary for all.

-Brenda Bronfman